Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Montgomery County Texas Domestic Assault Attorney Andy Nolen Will Extinguish the Flames of Injustice

Montgomery County Texas Domestic Assault AttorneyDomestic assault is an offense that has the potential to be completely life damaging.  Domestic assault is any bodily damage ─▒nduced on a family member which apparently includes ones spouse. Having a domestic on your record will prove harmful to any person planning a life outside of a prison. Being found guilty of this kind of offense can easily result in the loss of employment, trouble gaining future employment, fines and penalties, and the conviction getting used against you in any possible future case to increase the possible sentence. The majority of states have statutes that make sentencing increased for people with prior domestic assault convictions, this includes the state of Texas.
Cases like these can easily spiral out of control. Often people believe that if the person who actually reports the assault can come forth to denounce it then it settles the case, this is not the case. Usually by this time the assault is reported and an officer has reported the incident to the courts it is out of the officers hands and yours. You will now have to deal with this matter in the process of law.
These events are taken very seriously by the District Attorney’s Office. Many people think they will be treated like minor mishaps or that at the time a family member states they want the case dismissed it’s all over. Those individuals are absolutely wrong. Montgomery County Texas Domestic Assault Attorney Andy Nolen has represented in excess of 3000 people and had many assault and domestic assault cases dismissed by strongly collecting information, witnesses and statements. Montgomery County Texas Domestic Assault Attorney Andy Nolen has also won cases by setting them for trial and trying them. If you have been charged with any type of assault case, please call Montgomery County Texas Domestic Assault Attorney Andy Nolen at 832-480-8951 for a free consultation.
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