Friday, April 3, 2015

Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen Will Fight for You

Montgomery County DWI Attorney

 Montgomery County DWI Attorney

Being accused with DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED is a especially severe situation which in turn can result in jail time, fees, loss of driving rights and more.Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen has more than 20 years practical experience helping individuals charged with Driving While Intoxicated or DWI. Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen has had over 3000 clients and had over 400 cases dismissed. A great number of of those dismissals have been DWIs. If you have been charged with DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED, there are a few important things you ought to know:


1. A 1st DWI has a maximum jail sentence of 6 months up to a $2000 fine. A 2nd DWI caries a maximum 1 year jail sentence and a $4000 fine. A 3rd DWI is a felony and carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

2. All DWI's can result in loss of your driver's permit and prohibitions on your ability to drive. The judge may demand that you put a breath device on your vehicle that calculates any alcohol in your system before you can start your car.

3. An individual may be required to use a SCRAM monitor. That stands for Secure Remote Alcohol Monitor. It is a machine that you have on on your ankle that calculates alcohol in you system. These devices require a deposit and as much as $10 each and every day in monitoring charges. Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen has successfully fought to have his clients NOT wear the unit and have the gadget removed.

4. Your license can be revoked in 2 ways. First, by an Administrative License Revocation or ALR. This is normally where you either refused to blow in an intoxilyzer or blew over the lawful limit. The 2nd is by being found guilty of a DWI. Your license can be revoked more than one time for the exact same DWI. Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen can help you with each of those different types of suspensions.

5. You can not get deferred adjudication for a DWI and any conviction for DWI is on your record for life.

6. Any statements you make to a police officer during a DWI stop and arrest may be employed against you. A person should under no circumstances admit drinking or even driving for that matter. It is best to say little or almost nothing.

7. The police can obtain a court order and take blood from you to be tested for alcohol consumption.

8. A DWI can significantly increase your insurance costs.

Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen can help walk you through the minefield of DWI laws in Texas. DWI is not something that you can deal with yourself. You should not just plead guilty simply because you are offered a probation in the courtroom. You may be able to get your case dismissed or reduced. To talk with Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andy Nolen, please call 832-480-8951.